Adam Kalai

About me

I am a founding member of Microsoft Research New England in Cambridge, MA. I have previously been an assistant professor of computer science at Georgia Tech and TTI-Chicago. I was extremely fortunate to receive a PhD at CMU from the ingenious Avrim Blum (where I was also supervised by Randy Pausch for a time), followed by an NSF postdoc at MIT under the wise guidance of Santosh Vempala.

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Students and Teaching

Previous students/interns: Jake Abernethy (Berkeley), Pranjal Awasthi (CMU), Nina Balcan (CMU), Danielle Bragg (UW), Abie Flaxman (CMU), Varun Kanade (Georgia Tech), Katrina Ligett (CMU), Azarakhsh Malekian (UMD), Brendan McMahan (CMU), Aditya Menon (UCSD), Ankur Moitra (MIT), Claire Monteleoni (MIT), Aaron Roth (CMU), Omer Tamuz (Weizmann), Jason Tsay (CMU), Shubham Tulsiani (IIT), Duru Turkoglu (University of Chicago), Greg Valiant (Berkeley), Elad Verbin (Tel Aviv University), and Kuat Yessenov (MIT).

Spring 2008: Game Theory and Computer Science, (Georgia Tech)

Fall 2006: Machine Learning Theory (Weizmann Institute)

Autumn 2004: Online Algorithms (University of Chicago)

The Kalai Prize was named after Ehud Kalai.

Check out Kappa Kappa Psi Alpha Zeta, the Kappa Kappa Psi national honor fraternity at Indiania University.


Together with Josh Tenenbaum and Sham Kakade, we started the New England Machine Learning Day. I'm chairing NEML 2016 once again. Hope to see you there!

I'm a coorganizer of the MIT-MSR ML Seminar Series (MMM).


Works in progress