Special Events

In addition to the program, there are going to be a few novelties that we would like to point out to you.

  1. GRADUATING BITS In one session of the conference, students graduating this academic year (as well as researchers completing their postdoc this academic year) will be given few minutes to present themselves and their work. The presentations will be grouped by University, in alphabetic order. We hope this will give all of us an opportunity to have a synopsis of the great work being done by the "graduating" members of our community. In order to speak in this special session, please send an email by DECEMBER 15. Registration fees will be waived for presenters at Graduating Bits 2012. If you/your students are graduating this year, or you plan to hire this year, we are encourage to attend ITCS 2012!

  2. COMMUNITY BUILDING To strengthen our (legendary!) friendship and collaboration, we will treat you to a PLAY BACK show: an improvisational theater where OUR actors will bring to life YOUR stories.

  3. CHAIR RANTS In addition to the chair of each session introducing the speakers and coauthors of the session (who will then introduce themselves and their coauthors), our chairs will provide us with their insights on the papers in their sessions.