Collage: A Presentation Tool for K-12 Teachers

Collage is a software presentation tool that has been created exclusively for supporting instruction in a K-12 classroom. The tool enables teachers to display digital scans of textbook pages along with digital multimedia in an interactive fashion. For example, an English teacher teaching a chapter called “Banyan Tree” can show pages from the text and in between the pages s/he can present images and videos of a real banyan tree. A Science teacher, while teaching a chapter called “The Planetary System,” can show pages from the textbook chapter on the topic and can subsequently show pictures and videos of different planets alongside.

Teachers need to assemble content in digital form before using it with Collage. This involves collecting any digital images or videos that they are interested in presenting in class and scanning paper content (like textbook pages) that may be relevant. While presenting the content, the tools enables teachers to do interesting things like highlight parts of pages, digitally “ink” on them, overlay an image or video on top of a page, insert textboxes, and dynamically cover and uncover parts of pages.

To understand how Collage is used in a classroom, watch the following sample video collected from our pilot schools: