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Liposome vesicles - human DNA sequence - deforestation


Press Launch

The Towards 2020 Science Report was officially launched in London on 21 March 2006. International experts from the 2020 Science Group led a panel discussion and press Q&A, to start what the group hopes will be an ongoing and productive public discussion on the issues they have raised. Photos of the event are available to view.

Press Release

The press release issued on 22 March 2006 about the Towards 2020 Science report is available for download: Press release (.doc format 33kb).

Reader's Guide

The Reader's Guide encapsulates the key points of the Towards 2020 Science report. The aim is to highlight the report's main observations and point you to the areas of greatest interest: Reader's guide (.doc format 235kb).

Nature Special Issue

The Towards 2020 Science report has been launched in conjunction with a special feature in Nature on 22 March 2006. The Nature page contains further details.