Variable types and their distributions

The following table shows what types of variables are supported by Infer.NET, along with the distributions which are available for representing uncertainty in each type. You can create variables for each of these types using the static methods on Variable for each distribution.

Variable type
Distribution Class   Example of use
- Bernoulli Two coins tutorial
double - Gaussian Learning a Gaussian tutorial
between 0 and infinity
Gamma Learning a Gaussian tutorial
between 0 and 1 Beta Beta Clinical trial tutorial
between settable lower
and upper bounds
TruncatedGaussian -
between 0 and settable period length Wrapped Gaussian WrappedGaussian -
between 0 and D-1 inclusive
Discrete (categorical)
Discrete Latent Dirichlet Allocation
between 0 and infinity Poisson -
enum - Discrete over enum values DiscreteEnum -
Vector - VectorGaussian Mixture of Gaussians tutorial
each element between 0 and 1,
elements sum to 1
Dirichlet Latent Dirichlet Allocation
- Wishart Mixture of Gaussians tutorial
- SparseGP Gaussian process classifier
  • For descriptions of the Vector and PositiveDefiniteMatrix see the page on Vector and Matrix types.
  • IFunction is an interface type which is used as the domain type for a SparseGP distribution.  This interface has a single Evaluate method for a Vector domain:

    double Evaluate(Vector v);

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