module MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Fun.FSharp.Inference

open Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations

open MicrosoftResearch.Infer
open MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Distributions
open MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Models

open MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Fun.Core.Syntax

module CoreInference = MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Fun.Core.Inference
module FunToFsharp = MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Fun.Core.FunToFsharp

// Types

type CompoundVariable = CoreInference.CompoundVariable
type CompoundDistribution = CoreInference.CompoundDistribution

// Setting inference parameters

val setEngine: InferenceEngine -> unit
val getEngine: unit -> InferenceEngine
val setVerbose : bool -> unit
val setShowFactorGraph : bool -> unit

// Compilation of F# expressions

val getSource: Expr -> Body

/// Get the syntax tree by introspection of F# code
val getCoreSyntax: Expr -> e

/// returns compiled versions of all reflected definitions in the currently loaded assembly
val getAssemblyContext: unit -> Context

/// Inference

type Model<'a, 'b>

val makeModel: Expr<'a -> 'b> -> Model<'a, 'b>
Compilation happens on the first run of infer.

See infer below for the explanation of the relation between 'a and 'aa and 'b and 'bb.
val inferModel: Model<'a, 'b> -> 'aa -> 'bb

See Core.Inference.inferModelWithEvidence
val inferModelWithEvidence: Model<'a, 'b> -> 'aa -> float * 'bb

<summary> Inference. </summary>

Provided an expression of type Expr<'a -> 'b> and input of type 'aa
returns the representation of the distribution of outputs. The value of type 'aa
may be either a specific value of type 'a, or a distribution
over the type 'a (hence a different type variable). It may also be
a structured value (array, tuple, or record) in which each element is either
a specific value or a distribution. The type 'bb may either be the type of values
of type 'b (in which case the inference must produce a PointMass distribution)
or the type of distributions over the type 'b (or a structured type as above).

See LinearRegressionOnline for an example of use.

Formally, the type 'aa must be <emph>up-convertible</emph> to 'a and 'b must be
<emph>down-convertible</emph> to 'bb. These are defined as follows:

- 'T is down-convertible and up-convertible to 'T for any simple type 'T
(a type which is not a record, tuple, or array).
- A type that supports HasPoint<'T> is down-convertible to 'T for any simple type 'T.
- A type that supports IDistribution<'T> is up-convertible to 'T for any simple type 'T.
- A structured type 'T1 is up-convertible/down-convertible to a structured
type 'T2 if all their component types are up-convertible/down-convertible
to each other.
val infer: Expr<'a -> 'b> -> 'aa -> 'bb

See Core.Inference.inferWithEvidence
val inferWithEvidence: Expr<'a -> 'b> -> 'aa -> float * 'bb

/// Deprecated Inference

[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val inferVar: IVariable -> IDistribution<'a>

/// Takes the pre-RNF type of the expression.
/// The resulting distribution corresponds to pre-RNF type.
[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val inferCompound: FunType -> CompoundVariable -> CompoundDistribution

/// Returns the pre-RNF type of the expression.
[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val interpDynamic: Expr<'a -> 'b> -> 'aa -> CompoundVariable * FunType
[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val inferDynamic: Expr<'a -> 'b> -> 'aa -> CompoundDistribution

[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val inferFun1: Expr<'a -> 'b> -> 'aa -> IDistribution<'b>
[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val inferFun2: Expr<'a -> 'b * 'c> -> 'aa -> (IDistribution<'b> * IDistribution<'c>)
[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val inferFun3: Expr<'a -> 'b * 'c * 'd> -> 'aa -> (IDistribution<'b> * IDistribution<'c> * IDistribution<'d>)
[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val inferFun4: Expr<'a -> 'b * 'c * 'd * 'e> -> 'aa -> (IDistribution<'b> * IDistribution<'c> * IDistribution<'d> * IDistribution<'e>)

[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val interpFun1: Expr<'a -> 'b> -> 'aa -> Variable<'b>
[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val interpFun2: Expr<'a -> 'b * 'c> -> 'aa -> (Variable<'b> * Variable<'c>)
[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val interpFun3: Expr<'a -> 'b * 'c * 'd> -> 'aa -> (Variable<'b> * Variable<'c> * Variable<'d>)
[<System.Obsolete("Use FSharp.Inference.infer instead")>]
val interpFun4: Expr<'a -> 'b * 'c * 'd * 'e> -> 'aa -> (Variable<'b> * Variable<'c> * Variable<'d> * Variable<'e>)

/// Inference Debug

module Debug =

type fsharp = string
type env = FunToFsharp.env

Use Core.Inference.transformMinimal.
val transformMinimal: Expr<'a -> 'b> -> 'aa -> e

Use Core.Inference.inferMinimal.
val inferMinimal: Expr<'a -> 'b> -> 'aa -> CompoundDistribution

val emptyEnv: unit -> env
val inferenceCode: avoidRecompilation: bool -> Expr<'a -> 'b> -> 'aa -> env -> fsharp
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