Infer.NET user guide : Fun

Further examples of Fun

Scripts (for use with F# interactive):

  • QuickStart (Samples\Fun\QuickStart.fsx): the basic coins example
  • Reference (Samples\Fun\Reference.fsx): a longer script illustrating advanced uses of Fun.

Basic 1: Examples of Discrete Distributions

  • Coins (Samples\Fun\Coins\Coins.fs): couple of Bernoulli distributions
  • Evidence (Samples\Fun\Evidence\Evidence.fs) : computing model evidence
  • Murder mystery (Samples\Fun\MurderMystery\MurderMystery.fs): another couple of Bernoulli distributions

Basic 2: Examples of Continuous Distributions

  • LearningGaussian (Samples\Fun\LearningGaussian\LearningGaussian.fs): Gaussian distribution
  • MixtureOfGaussians (Samples\Fun\MixtureOfGaussians\MixtureOfGaussians.fs): arrays of Gaussian distributions, illustrates symmetry breaking, and customising the default Infer.NET Fun inference engine.
  • TruncatedGaussian (Samples\Fun\TruncatedGaussian\TruncatedGaussian.fs): referring to pre-computed data

Example Applications

  • BayesPointMachine (Samples\Fun\BayesPointMachine\BPM.fs): the BPM tutorial example.
  • ClickGraph (Samples\Fun\ClickGraph\ClickGraph.fs): inferring link similarity from click data
  • ClinicalTrial (Samples\Fun\ClinicalTrial\ClinicalTrial.fs): answering whether some drug is effective
  • Conference (Samples\Fun\Conference\Conference.fs): generative model of conference reviews; illustrates arrays of records; and zipping arrays
  • LDA (Samples\Fun\LDA\LDA.fs): topic modeling
  • LinearRegression (Samples\Fun\LinearRegression\LinearRegression.fs): fitting a straight line to observed data
  • TrueSkill (Samples\Fun\TrueSkill\TrueSkill.fs): inference of players' skills, driven by chess data; illustrates arrays of tuples
  • MontyHall (Samples\Fun\MontyHall\MontyHall.fs): a rendition of the classic Monty Hall problem


  • AddFun (Samples\Fun\AddFun\AddFun.fs): extending the Infer.NET Fun API with new operators (and their Infer.NET implementation)
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