WrappedGaussian StructureInfer.NET Documentation
Microsoft Research, Cambridge
A Gaussian distribution on a periodic domain, such as angles between 0 and 2*pi.

Namespace: MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Distributions
Assembly: Infer.Runtime (in Infer.Runtime.dll) Version: 2.5.30417.0 (2.5.30417.0)

public struct WrappedGaussian : IDistribution<double>, 
	ICloneable, HasPoint<double>, Diffable, SettableToUniform, CanGetLogProb<double>, 
	SettableTo<WrappedGaussian>, SettableToProduct<WrappedGaussian>, SettableToProduct<WrappedGaussian, WrappedGaussian>, 
	SettableToRatio<WrappedGaussian>, SettableToRatio<WrappedGaussian, WrappedGaussian>, 
	SettableToWeightedSum<WrappedGaussian>, SettableToPower<WrappedGaussian>, Sampleable<double>, 
	CanGetLogAverageOf<WrappedGaussian>, CanGetLogAverageOfPower<WrappedGaussian>, CanGetAverageLog<WrappedGaussian>

The distribution is represented by a unwrapped Gaussian and a period length L. To get the wrapped density, the unwrapped density is summed over all shifts by L, i.e. p(x) = sum_k N(x + Lk; m, v) over all integers k The wrapped density is automatically normalized over the range [0,L) because it simply moves the probability mass that was previously distributed over the real line to all lie in the interval [0,L).
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