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Microsoft Research, Cambridge
A Beta distribution over the interval [0,1].

Namespace: MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Distributions
Assembly: Infer.Runtime (in Infer.Runtime.dll) Version: 2.5.30417.0 (2.5.30417.0)


The Beta is often used as a distribution on probability values. The formula for the distribution is p(x) = (Gamma(trueCount+falseCount)/Gamma(trueCount)/Gamma(falseCount)) x^{trueCount-1} (1-x)^(falseCount-1) subject to the constraint 0 <= x <= 1.

If trueCount = falseCount = 1, the distribution is uniform. If falseCount = infinity, the distribution is redefined to be a point mass on trueCount. When trueCount <= 0 or falseCount <= 0, the distribution is improper. In this case, the density is redefined to not include the Gamma terms, i.e. there is no normalizer.

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