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Infer.NET model description classes

Public classCaseBlock
A case block is a condition block with a condition of the form (i==value) for integer i.
Public classConditionBlock
Base class for condition blocks
Public classConditionBlock T 
Represents a conditional block in a model definition. Anything defined inside the block is placed inside a gate, whose condition is the condition of the block.
Public classEmptyBlockException
Thrown when an empty block is closed.
Public classForEachBlock
'For each' block
Public classIfBlock
An If block is a condition block with a binary condition.
Public classModel
A model identifier used to manage SharedVariables.
Public classRange
A range of values from 0 to N-1. The size N may be an integer expression or constant.
Public classRepeatBlock
'Repeat' block
Public classSharedVariable DomainType 
Abstract base class for shared variables. Shared variables allow a model to be split into submodels in which variables are shared. Each submodel can have many copies.
Public classStatementBlock
Abstract base class for statement blocks
Public classSwitchBlock
A switch block is a condition block which acts like multiple case blocks ranging over the values of the integer condition variable.
Public classVariable
A variable in a model
Public classVariable T 
A typed variable in a model.
Public classVariableArray T 
One-dimensional flat variable array.
Public classVariableArray TItem, TArray 
One-dimensional jagged variable array.
Public classVariableArray2D T 
Two-dimensional flat variable array.
Public classVariableArray2D TItem, TArray 
Two-dimensional jagged variable array.
Public classVariableArray3D T 
Three-dimensional flat variable array.
Public classVariableArray3D TItem, TArray 
Three-dimensional jagged variable array.

Public interfaceCanGetContainers
Interface for getting list of containers
Public interfaceHasItemVariables
Interface for an object having item variables
Public interfaceHasObservedValue
Interface for a variable to have an observed value
Public interfaceHasRange
Indicates that a StatementBlock has an associated range that it loops over.
Public interfaceIModelExpression
Interface to a modelling expression, such as a constant, variable or parameter.
Public interfaceIModelExpression T 
Generic inferface to a modelling expression of type T.
Public interfaceISharedVariable
Interface for shared variables
Public interfaceISharedVariableArray ItemType, ArrayType 
Interface for jagged 1D shared variable arrays
Public interfaceIVariable
A marker interface for variables.
Public interfaceIVariableArray
Interface to a multidimensional array of variables.
Public interfaceIVariableArray T 
Interface to an array of variables.
Public interfaceIVariableArray2D T 
Interface to a 2D array of variables.
Public interfaceIVariableArray3D T 
Interface to a 3D array of variables.
Public interfaceIVariableJaggedArray
Interface to a jagged array of variables
Public interfaceSharedVariableArray DomainType 
Interface for flat 1D shared variable arrays
Public interfaceSharedVariableArray2D DomainType 
Interface for flat 2D shared variable arrays

Public enumerationOperator
Enumeration over supported operators.