As we learn to live within our changing environment we have a responsibility to limit our impact on the species that we share it with. Monitoring the behaviour of these species and its variation over time is neccessary to assess their sensitivity and vulnerability to change. In this project, we are developing a number of technologies that we hope will be instrumental in enabling this goal. We are currently using this system on Skomer Island to monitor the behaviour of the Manx Shearwater.

In close collaboration with Oxford University and the Freie Universitat Berlin, we have developed an innovative system that can autonomously monitor animals and their habitats. Using a combination of wireless sensor networks and innovative software we are able to intelligently gather data from remote locations, relaying it back for local storage and processing and allow remote reconfiguration of the network by research scientists.

2020 Science Freie Universitšt Berlin The University of Oxford

In close collaboration with
The University of Oxford
Freie Universitšt Berlin