Cω - Samples


This section contains topics to help you run some of the sample applications provided with Cω.

In This Section

XQuery Sample
This sample is based on the W3C XQuery Use Cases .  It demonstrates the power of the Cω type system and object queries capabilities, and the impact of adding strong typing to an XML query language.
Ledger Sample
Provides a demonstration that contrasts the use of an XSLT stylesheet to the use of an XmlSerializer implemented using Cω that accomplishes the same thing.
XSVG Sample
Provides details about how to run and use the Cω-based sample that demonstrates the use XML-based graphics rendering using the System Vector Graphics (SVG) language.
Hamlet Sample
Provides details about how to use the XmlSerializer to round trip the Hamlet.xml document which demonstrates good fidelity between XML content models and the Cω type system.
Santa Sample
The Santa Claus sample uses the Cω concurrency constructs to solve a tricky problem involving elves and reindeer.
Dining Philosophers Sample
All concurrent languages need a Dining Philosophers example. Here is ours.

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Tools Reference
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Note   Cω is an evolving language and as such, is subject to change. While the semantic concepts underlying Cω are stable, the syntax and other specifics of the Cω language could change in the future. Additionally, the current Cω compiler provides an incomplete implementation of details or behavior that might be described in this documentation.