Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008

from Microsoft Research Cambridge and Cambridge Innovation Development
including technology from Microsoft Research Redmond and Microsoft Research Asia.


Welcome to AutoCollage, an advanced computer vision and image processing program which automatically creates collages of your images. Face detection, saliency filters, and other techniques are used to identify interesting parts of images. Advanced object selection and blending technologies seamlessly combine these pieces into a beautiful new AutoCollage. Pick a folder, press a button, and a few minutes later AutoCollage presents you with a unique memento to print or email to your family and friends.

AutoCollage uses Microsoft's latest image processing and computer vision technology, but may still compose AutoCollages you don't like. If you don't want to save your latest AutoCollage, selecting the Create button will create a new one!

This is the first AutoCollage update, and contains several enhancements of our original experience. For more information about these enhancements, read What's New in this Update.

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