Working With AutoCollages

Once you've created a collage you like, you can review it in the AutoCollage View pane, and perform additional actions against it.

Viewing the Current AutoCollage

After AutoCollage creates your collage, the Image Preview pane is replaced with the AutoCollage View pane. The collage is displayed in this pane, which allows you to zoom in and out to view the collage at different scales, and also lets you pan to parts of the collage you can't see.

To zoom in and out, you can either use your mouse scroll wheel, or select the zoom control at the bottom left of the application and choose the desired zoom factor. Choices range from 12.5% to 800% zoom. There is also an 'Auto' choice which will fit the displayed AutoCollage to the size of the AutoCollage View pane.

If the AutoCollage is larger than the view pane, the scrollbars to the right and bottom of the view window become active. You can select the scroll bars to choose which part of the AutoCollage to view, or use the mouse to click on the collage and drag it until you can see the part you're interested in. Alternately you can select the AutoCollage View pane and use the arrow keys to pan.

AutoCollage Actions

In addition to viewing the AutoCollage in the AutoCollage View pane, you can use AutoCollage actions to perform several useful activities.

The Actions pane in the upper right hand side of the application provides icons to perform the following additional actions with your AutoCollage:

See also: The AutoCollage Actions pane, the AutoCollage View pane.