AutoCollage Tips and Tricks

AutoCollage is designed to automatically generate pleasing collages. By default it provides very little control over the collage contents and organization. This section provides advanced user tips for achieving specific AutoCollage results.

General Tips

You'll usually get the best automatic results from AutoCollage if you do the following:

Choosing Collage Input Images

If you want more control over the images your AutoCollage contains, you can:

Influencing Image Blending

AutoCollage may obscure parts of an image you want shown. When this happens, one option is to use manual face detection to prevent it. Even if the image part you want shown isn't a face, drawing a face detection rectangle around a region it makes AutoCollage very unlikely to obscure it.

Sometimes image blends are dramatic, following the contours of objects in an image. Other times they're linear, following the edge of the image. You can influence this behavior by changing the Image Overlap Advanced Output Option. Setting image overlap to a small number makes straight blends following image edges more likely. Setting it to a larger number makes contour-hugging blends more likely.

See also: Advanced Output Option, Using Face Detection, Using Ranking Information,