Setting AutoCollage Output Options

This dialog allows you to choose your AutoCollage output size. You can select from a set of standard image sizes, suitable for printing, or specify an exact output size in inches, centimeters, or pixels.

Standard output sizes include:

Portrait images are taller than they are wide, while landscape images are the opposite. The screen resolution option lets you create an AutoCollage the perfect size to use as your desktop background.

To set the AutoCollage output size to a standard image size:

  1. If the Options dialog isn't already open, select the Options button in the Actions pane to bring it up.
  2. Select the Output tab if it isn't already selected.
  3. Select the 'combo-box' beneath the Size: label. This brings up a list of the AutoCollage output image sizes.
  4. Select the size you want, and click on OK.

To set the AutoCollage output size to a custom image size:

  1. Select the button to the right of the Size 'combo-box.' This invokes the Output Size dialog box, shown below.

  2. Choose inches, centimeters, or pixels from the unit combo-box.
  3. Input the width and height desired for the output collage. There are several limitations on dimensions. AutoCollage will warn you if it doesn't support the dimensions you choose.
  4. Select OK to save your output size choice. The final output size is shown as a 'custom' size in the Output Options tab.

See also: Setting Advanced Output Options