Setting AutoCollage Input Options

AutoCollage uses advanced image processing technologies such as face detection and image entropy to select collage images. These techniques are heuristics, and though they often work well, you may wish to override their results.

For example, when AutoCollage detects a face in an image, it makes a note of the face size and location. This information is used to:

AutoCollage Input Options allows you to enable display of image ranking and face detection information, and to enable manual revision of that information.

To set input options:

  1. If the Options dialog isn't already open, select the Options button in the Actions Pane to bring it up.
  2. Select the Input tab.
  3. Select the box next to Display detected faces, placing an x to enable it. When enabled, detected faces are shown inside a yellow rectangle in each image displayed in the Image Preview Pane.
  4. If you've enabled display of detected faces, you can also enable manual face detection. This option allows you to alter face detection results.
  5. Select the box next to Display ranking information, placing an x to enable it. When enabled, ranking information is displayed on images in the Image Preview Pane through a variety of means.
  6. Similar to face detection, if you've enabled display of ranking information, you can check 'Allow manual ranking' to allow alteration of autocollage-determined image ranking.

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