E-Mailing your AutoCollage

After you've created an AutoCollage, it is displayed in the AutoCollage View pane. If you have an appropriate e-mail client configured, you can ask AutoCollage to mail your collage.

To e-mail your displayed AutoCollage, click on the E-Mailbutton. AutoCollage 2008 will make a temporary copy of your AutoCollage, invoke your e-mail editor, and create a new e-mail message with your AutoCollage attached. You can fill in the rest of the e-mail and send it.

Note that some e-mail clients will require you to send or cancel the new e-mail before you can interact with AutoCollage again, so don't use the 'e-mail' option unless you plan to immediately send the AutoCollage via e-mail.

The AutoCollage e-mail option has been tested with Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail. If it isn't compatible with your e-mail client, you can still e-mail AutoCollages by saving the AutoCollage, then manually attaching the saved AutoCollage to an email message.