Browsing Images with the Image Browser

By default the image browser displays a tree of folders underneath your Pictures or My Pictures folder. Click on a folder name to view the pictures inside that folder. AutoCollage loads images in the selected folder one by one, displaying them in the Image Preview pane. The Image Browser pane title bar acts as a progress bar, with a green bar moving from left to right as images load.

The number of images found in each folder is listed inside [square braces] next to the folder name. For example, if the Image Browser shows Monuments [15], it means you have a folder named 'Monuments' containing 15 images in formats AutoCollage understands.

The folder you select may not have enough images to generate an AutoCollage. If this is the case, you'll receive an informational message in the image preview pane. Select a folder with more images before attempting to generate a collage.

Conversely, some folders may have more images than AutoCollage can load. If such a folder is selected (usually with [300+] listed as the number of images in the folder), AutoCollage 2008 will only load the first 300 images from that folder.

If you select a folder where some images don't meet AutoCollage image requirements, you will receive a warning, and AutoCollage will ignore those images. You will be able to make an AutoCollage from the remaining images in the folder. Note that the number of images listed next to each folder name sometimes includes images too small to use in AutoCollage.

See also: AutoCollage Image Requirements, Setting Your Image Browser Root Folder