AutoCollage Image Requirements

Image Size Requirements

AutoCollage uses advanced image processing and blending techniques which only work with images larger than a certain size. AutoCollage will only load images which have more than 76,800 pixels, and which are at least 240 pixels wide and 240 pixels high. For example, a 320 x 240 picture can be loaded by AutoCollage because it is at least 240 pixels wide and at least 240 pixels high, and has 76,800 or more total pixels. An 800 x 200 picture cannot be added even though it has more than 76,800 pixels, because it is less than 240 pixels high.

Image Format Requirements

AutoCollage is able to load .bmp, .dib, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tif and .wdp images at a minimum. It may be able to load other types of images, depending upon your computer's configuration.

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