Browsing Images

Choosing images for your collage is an important part of using AutoCollage. There are two different ways to select images for AutoCollage: the Image Browser, and Windows Live Photo Gallery. This section discusses how to use the Image Browser. For more information on using Windows Live Photo Gallery to choose images, see Using AutoCollage with Windows Live Photo Gallery.

The AutoCollage Image Browser feature lets you select a folder and review pictures before building a collage.

The image browser consists of two parts: a small Image Browser pane in the lower right corner where you can choose a folder to browse, and the main Image Preview pane in the left side of the application which displays images from the selected folder.

Using the Image Preview Pane

Once images start loading in the image preview pane, you can interact with them in several ways.

Once you've selected Create, you won't be able to sift collages in the Image Preview pane until the collage is completed.

See also: Image Requirements for AutoCollage, Using AutoCollage with Windows Live Photo Gallery