Creating an AutoCollage

To create an AutoCollage:

  1. Select the number of images you want in your AutoCollage using the AutoCollage Image Count Slider.
  2. If desired, change the output collage dimensions using AutoCollage Output Options.
  3. Click on a folder name in the Image Browser, or use Windows Live Photo Gallery integration to add images to AutoCollage.
  4. Once at least seven images have loaded, select the Create button.

To create a different collage from the same folder, select the Create button again. The next collage should come up much more quickly, as AutoCollage has already loaded and analyzed that folder's images.

To return to the image browser view of the folder, hit the Esc key.

The AutoCollage Image Count Slider

Use the Image Count Slider in the Actions pane to choose how many of your images will be used in the next AutoCollage. To use the slider, select the slider and drag it left or right until the tooltip shows the desired number of images.

An AutoCollage can include between 7 and 50 images, drawn from up to 300 input images.

See also: Setting AutoCollage Output Options, AutoCollage Tips and Tricks.