Changing Image Ranking

AutoCollage allows you to change each image ranking category. If allow manual ranking is enabled in advanced input options, you can change an image ranking category as follows.

  1. Click on the image in the image preview pane. This will zoom the image in the preview pane, and display one of five icons in the upper left corner of the image. This icon shows how the image ranking category is determined for the image.
  2. Click on the image ranking determination icon, or use your mouse scroll wheel to change its value. This will cycle the icon to its next value, with an appropriate affect on the image rank.

The five image ranking determination icons are shown below, along with an explanation of their affect on ranking for a given image, and its likelihood to be included in the next AutoCollage.

Images are automatically ranked once, when the first set of images has finished loading. If you later add images to the set of AutoCollage images - for example by copying them to the selected image folder after the folder has already been loaded, or adding them via Windows Live Photo Gallery - the added images are ranked as if you manually selected 'prefer this image.'

You can ask AutoCollage to discard any manual ranking changes, and to re-rank all images by pressing the "Esc" key after at least one image has had a manual ranking change made.

Ranking is a critical part of AutoCollage, and the ability to modify image ranking provides tremendous influence over AutoCollage results.

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