Registering AutoCollage 2008

AutoCollage 2008 Free Trial

You can use the unregistered AutoCollage application in trial mode for 30 days.

Trial mode has two limitations:

If you enjoy using AutoCollage 2008 and haven't already purchased it, please consider doing so. Your support will help Cambridge Innovation Development release other software based upon Microsoft's research.

To purchase AutoCollage 2008, visit an authorized online retailer.

Registering AutoCollage

When you purchase AutoCollage, you receive an AutoCollage product key you can use to register your copy of AutoCollage.

To register your copy of AutoCollage:

  1. Select the Optionsbutton.
  2. Select the Registration tab in the dialog which appears.
  3. Select the Register... button. This invokes the registration dialog where you can enter your product key.
  4. Enter your 25-character product key in the white product key input box. You can type it in, or cut-and-paste by copying your product key from another window, then pasting into the first part of the input box.
  5. Select OK to save your product key.

Once your copy of AutoCollage is registered, the trial time limit and watermark are disabled.

If you uninstall AutoCollage, you may need to re-enter your product key to register any new copy you install. Please keep a copy of your product key in a safe place.