Using AutoCollage 2008

AutoCollage 2008 makes it easy to create an AutoCollage from a folder of Images. To create an AutoCollage:

  1. Click on a folder name in the Image Browser.
  2. Once at least seven images have loaded, click on the Create button.

AutoCollage uses complex technologies such as face detection, saliency evaluation and graph-cut segmentation. It takes time for AutoCollage to process your pictures, so please be patient. As a rule of thumb, a typical PC needs half a minute plus one or two seconds per image to make an AutoCollage. If you make an AutoCollage from a folder with 150 images, that means anywhere from three to six minutes before you see the finished collage. It may sound like a lot, but it's a fraction of the time it would take to make a similar collage any other way.

After you've finished your collage, if you want a different collage from the same folder, just click the Create button again. The next collage will come up much more quickly, as AutoCollage has already loaded and analyzed that folder's images.

AutoCollage is designed to make it easy to automatically create collages. It provides several options for customizing collage results:

Once you've created a collage you like, you can save or e-mail it, or use it as your Windows desktop background.