Advanced Output Options

AutoCollage does the following when creating a collage:
  1. Evaluates all images in the selected image browser folder, and internally ranks them from most to least interesting.
  2. Chooses the most interesting regions of the n most interesting images, where n is the number of images you specify for the AutoCollage.
  3. Expands the most interesting and second most interesting image regions to be larger than the remaining image regions.
  4. Arranges the interesting regions of all the images in the final collage, so that interesting regions don't overlap, but other image parts do.
  5. Generates an interesting boundary between images following image features, and then smoothly blends them together.

Advanced Output Options allow you to change some of AutoCollage's operational parameters.

The Advanced Output Options section is located on the AutoCollage Options Output tab.

To bring up the Advanced Output Options section:

  1. If the Options dialog isn't already open, select the Optionsbutton to bring it up.
  2. Select the Output tab if it isn't already selected.
  3. Select the triangle button next to the 'Advanced' box to display the Advanced Output Options, if they aren't already visible.

The Top-ranked image slider allows you to choose how much larger to make the interesting region in the highest ranked image, relative to other selected images. The Second ranked image slider does the same for the second ranked image.

The Image Overlap slider allows you to specify the minimum overlap factor for adjacent images before boundary generation and blending. A smaller number means that some adjacent images may have abrupt transitions. A larger number tells AutoCollage to ensure adjacent images overlap enough to allow interesting boundaries and blends.

To set each of these options, select the slider and drag it to the desired value. A tooltip will tell you what value you've chosen.

If at any time you're unhappy with the values you chose, simply click on the Reset button to restore the default Advanced Output Option settings.

See also: Setting AutoCollage Output Options