Open Solving Library for ODEs (OSLO)


OSLO is a .NET and Silverlight class library for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The library enables numerical integration to be performed in C#, F# and Silverlight applications. OSLO implements Runge-Kutta and back differentiation formulae (BDF) for non-stiff and stiff initial value problems.

We wrote this library to provide open source access to established equation solving libraries in the .NET environment. Our future plans include the development of an F# version, and routines for partial differential equations (PDEs).

The User Guide provides instructions for installation and library usage in addition to some worked examples. The Getting Started section includes a simple example that shows the basic steps to solve ordinary differential equations using OSLO.

The OSLO library is distributed as a Visual Studio solution that contains sample source code in C# and F#. Samples visualize simulation results using the DynamicDataDisplay library developed at Microsoft Research.


Related software

  • Visual GEC. A forthcoming release uses the OSLO solvers for numerically solving ODEs.
  • Visual DSD. A forthcoming release uses the OSLO solvers for numerically solving ODEs.

Publications using the OSLO solvers


  • Neil Dalchau, Colin Gravill, Vassily Lyutsarev. Microsoft Research.
  • Ivan Samilovskiy, Sergey Berezin. MSTLAB, Moscow State University. Here is a link to the MSU page describing the OSLO solvers (in Russian).


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