Please note that these tools are supplied without continued support. Please see here for updated versions of some of these tools.


Unify biological hypotheses with models and experiments
Dmitrov, Filzbach and Fetchclimate combined in C# to facilitate fitting models to data
Easy visualization of scientific data: drag, drop, filter, slide, view, zoom, share
Easily work with multidimensional datasets: NetCDF, text, memory or remote, all from within your code
A language for designing and simulating computational devices made of DNA
Visualize your data over the web and add complex dynamic graphs and maps to your web applications
Retrieve climatic and environmental information with the click of a button or a few lines of code
Fit complex models to hetereogenous data: Bayesian and likelihood analysis made easy
A language for designing and simulating genetic devices to reprogram cell behaviour
Changing our understanding of animal behaviour: novel hardware, analysis and software tools
Learn Maximum Mntropy species distribution modelling. Using Excel!
Visualizing and Modelling Food Webs and other Complex Network
A library for the numerical integration of stiff and non-stiff ordinary differential equations
A language for modelling and simulating complex biological processes in a modular way
Predict terrestrial carbon potential, anywhere
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