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Easy visualization of scientific data: drag, drop, filter, slide, view, zoom, share

 DataSet Viewer is a simple standalone menu-driven tool for quickly exploring and comparing time series, geographic distributions and other patterns within scientific data. DataSet Viewer combines selection, filtering and slicing tools, with various chart types (scatter plots, line graphs, heat maps, as well as tables), and geographic mapping (using Bing Maps). The resulting views can be exported as images or movies, or bundled into an interactive package that be shared with colleagues.


The biological sciences are generating ever larger and more complex data sets, whether from experiments, observations, or models. As a result, the first step in scientific data analysis – visualizing the data – has become much more challenging, so much so that many scientists forego the visualizations that they would really like to use, because they are too slow, or too technically difficult to implement.


  • Quickly open files with multiple variables, select and fine-tune visualizations, slice your data sets by time or space using simple sliders
  • Easily plot and compare multiple charts, either of the same or different types, live updating against the same data, slicing, etc.
  • Zooming/panning gestures supported in all data visualizations. The view instantly responds to all user actions and data changes.
  • Save and share your view of your data. Compose your own visualizations and DataSet Viewer will package all the settings into a file for you, allowing the same view to be used on new data. Or, also bundle all the necessary data in the package so that it is easy to share your insights with others.
  • Read and write many file formats, from NetCDF, comma- or tab-separated text (CSV), to ASCIIGRID and Shapefile.
  • Works with Microsoft Excel. Drag a data range from Excel, and DataSet Viewer will visualize it straight away.
  • Slice your data set in multiple dimensions and slide through slices interactively.
  • Record videos that automatically move through slices in your data, or export to PDF or raster image.
  • DataSet Viewer can attach to a computation running either on the same computer (or in the cloud) and live update so you can watch progress live.


DataSet Viewer is part of The Scientific DataSet Library and Tools.


DataSet Viewer was put together by Vassily Lyutsarev in collaboration with Sergey Berezin group at Moscow State University. (Dmitry Voitsekhovsky, Nikita Skoblov, Natalia Stepanova, Alexey Semenov).


DataSet Viewer is part of project Dmitrov.

Many visualizations grew up from Dynamic Data Display for WPF project

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