Dynamic Data Display

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Visualize your data over the web and add complex dynamic graphs and maps to your web applications

Dynamic Data Display facilitates the interactive visualization of dynamic data within your Silverlight application. It contains a set of Silverlight controls for creating line graphs, bubble charts, heat maps and other complex 2D plots. Dynamic Data Display also integrates with the Bing Maps control to show data on a geographic map in latitude/longitude coordinates. The controls are compatible with most popular development tools like Expression Blend and Visual Studio. They can also be operated programmatically.


Developing scientific software for Microsoft Silverlight has certain attractive aspects: applications run on both Windows and Macs, browser-based deployment is exceptionally lightweight, and yet the underlying algorithms can be written in modern programming languages such as C#, F# or Python. One impediment to the broader use of Silverlight in scientific research is the lack of reusable software components that are specifically designed for scientific applications.


  • Start charting your data with just a few lines of code
  • All visualizations can interactively zoom and pan by default
  • Plot lines, heat maps, standard markers or any custom graphical elements; dynamic legends and tooltips will change with your data.
  • Due to background rendering no data change can hang your application even for complex visualizations
  • Flexible architecture allows easy building unique custom visualizations
  • Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Expression Blend designers

Try online

The Dynamic Data Display interactive SDK is a live Silverlight application presenting a set of tutorials and examples.


Download the Dynamic Data Display for Silverlight.

The downloadable package contains all you need to use Dynamic Data Display controls in your applications including API reference documentation and guidelines for extending the library.

Case studies

  • Andrew Phillips used Dynamic Data Display for Silverlight to visualize SPiM simulation results.
  • FetchClimate web application used Dinamic Data Display heatmaps and line plots over a map to present climate parameters fields and time series.
  • Filzbach web sampler uses Dynamic Data Display to visualize input data, the process of sampling and output results.


Dynamic Data Display was designed by Vassily Lyutsarev and Sergey Berezin with contributions from Nikita Skoblov, Natalia Stepanova and Alexey Semenov.


Dinamic Data Display for Silverlight takes general approach and some algorithms form its predecessor, the Dynamic Data Display for WPF project.


Dynamic Data Display


  • Overview for developers [pdf]
  • Online tutorials and samples [run]


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