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Fit models in C# by combining Dmitrov, Filzbach and FetchClimate

This Microsoft Computational Science Laboratory C# Tools 1.0 template illustrates how Dmitrov, Filzbach and FetchClimate can be combined within a single C# solution. It is aimed at those who are happy trying to write models in C# but aren't clear about how to use Dmitrov, Filzbach and FetchClimate within C# code. The solution contains two simple examples of fitting models and has been written in a general way to avoid users having to make too many changes to the code. 


After the development of Dmitrov, Filzbach and FetchClimate a number of us (and our collaborators) used those tools in our research projects. Combining these tools within a C# solution was one effective way to achieve this (though we are determinedly researching more effective ways). We therefore decided to release a simple clean solution that combines those tools so that those that are comfortable working with C# code can get started.


  • A C# solution that implements one of 2 simple models
  • Demonstrates dataset input, passing, and output using Dmitrov
  • Uses Filzbach to estimate model parameters
  • Demonstrates the use of FetchClimate to get climate data for a list of sites
  • Thoroughly commented code
  • Requires minimum changes to the code to implement new models


The package is just a C# solution that can be downloaded from here. You will require either the freely available Microsoft Visual C# Express or Microsoft Visual Studio to open and run this solution.

Case studies


This example was written by Matthew Smith and Vassily Lyutsarev after having to re-create it several times for different research projects.


We thank Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Centre (ORNL-DAAC) for making available the data on global patterns of Net Primary Productivity that we use in one of the examples.  Source: Olson, R. J., J. M. O. Scurlock, S. D. Prince, D. L. Zheng, and K. R. Johnson (eds.). 2001. NPP Multi-Biome: NPP and Driver Data for Ecosystem Model-Data Intercomparison. Data set. Available on-line [] from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A.


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