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Computer Systems form the core of computing as their combinations of hardware and software components function together to help program developers and end users achieve goals of managing and access information in all its forms.  Roger Needham, in a distinguished career at Cambridge University and Microsoft Research, was a leader of computer systems research and noted innovator in the crucial area of systems security.

Computer Systems: Theory, Technology and Applications presents a comprehensive edited survey of all aspects of the subject, with original contributions by more than 40 international leaders in the field.  The book, while honouring Needham's important contributions, assembles a collection of articles showing the state of the art in systems - from formal calculi to mobile devices, from operating systems to application tools, and from security techniques to design policies.

Among the topics addressed:

  • Access control, data integration, and their languages
  • Clumps, clusters and classification
  • The economics of open systems
  • The Needham-Schroeder authentication protocol
  • Sentient computing
  • A technology transfer retrospective
  • Real-time in a real operating system
  • Application-private networks
  • Technologies for portable computing
  • An authorization model for web services
  • Challenges for computing research
  • Protocol analysis, composability and computation

This accessible monograph is an ideal overview of theoretical and empirical evolution in computer systems.  It will serve as an invaluable resource for professionals, researchers, libraries, and students who are interested in broadening their knowledge of the entire field.




           Roger Needham: 50 + 5 Meeting Programme 


           Introduction: Roger Needham

                  Rick Rashid

  1        On Access Control, Data Integration, and Their Languages

                   Martín Abadi 

  2        Protocol Analysis,  Composability and Computation

                   Ross Anderson, Michael Bond 

  3        Access Control in Distributed Systems

                   Jean Bacon, Ken Moody 

  4        Implementing Condition Variables with Semaphores

                   Andrew D. Birrell  

  5        Clumps, Clusters and Classification

                   Christopher M. Bishop 

  6        How to Implement Unnecessary Mutexes

                   Mike Burrows

  7        Bioware Languages

                   Luca Cardelli

  8        The Economics of Open Systems

                   David D. Clark

  9        From Universe to Global Internet

                   Jon Crowcroft

10        Needham-Schroeder Goes to Court

                   Dorothy E. Denning

11        The Design of Reliable Operating Systems

                   Peter Denning

12        An Historical Connection between Time-Sharing and Virtual Circuits

                   Sandy Fraser

13         On Cross-Platform Security

                   Li Gong

14        Distributed Computing Economics

                   Jim Gray

15        The Titan Influence

                   David Hartley

16        Middleware? Muddleware?

                   Andrew Herbert

17        Grand Challenges for Computing Research

                   Tony Hoare

18        Sentient Computing

                   Andy Hopper

19        Cyber Security in Open Systems

                   Anita Jones

20        Software Components: Only the Giants Survive

                   Butler W. Lampson 

21        Security Protocols: Who Knows What Exactly?

                   Peter Landrock

22        Volume Rendering by Ray-Casting in Shear-Image Order

                   Hugh C. Lauer, Yin Wu, Vishal Bhatia, Larry Seiler

23        A Conceptual Authorization Model for Web Services

                   Paul J. Leach, Chris Kaler, Blair Dillaway, Praerit Garg,
                   Brian LaMacchia, Butler Lampson, John Manferdelli,
                   Rick Rashid, John Shewchuk, Dan Simon, Richard Ward

24        The Trouble with Standards

                   E. Stewart Lee 

25        Novelty in the Nemesis Operating System

                   Ian Leslie 

26        A Technology Transfer Retrospective

                   Roy Levin

27        An Optical LAN

                   Derek McAuley 

28        What’s in a Name?

                   Robin Milner 

29        The Cryptographic Role of the Cleaning Lady

                   Bob Morris

30        Real Time in a Real Operating System

                   Sape J. Mullender, Pierre G. Jansen 

31        Zen and the Art of Research Management

                   John Naughton, Robert W. Taylor

32        The Descent of BAN

                   Lawrence C. Paulson

33        Brief Encounters

                   Brian Randell

34        Retrieval System Models: What’s New?

                   Stephen Robertson, Karen Spärck Jones

35        Slammer: An Urgent Wake-Up Call

                   Jerome H. Saltzer

36         Caching Trust Rather Than Content

                   M. Satyanarayanan

37        Least Privilege and More

                   Fred B. Schneider

38        Using Sharing to Simplify System Management

                   Michael D. Schroeder

39        An RSA-Related Number-Theoretic Surprise

                   Gustavus J. Simmons

40        Application-Private Networks

                   Jonathan M. Smith

41        Using the CORAL System to Discover Attacks on Security Protocols

                   Graham Steel, Alan Bundy, Ewen Denney

42        On the Role of Binding and Rate Adaptation in Packet Networks

                   David Tennenhouse

43        Technologies for Portable Computing

                   Chuck Thacker

44        Multiple Alternative Voting

                   David Wheeler

45        The Semiotics of Umbrellas

                   John Wilkes

46        Computers for Specialized Application Areas

                   Maurice Wilkes

             Computer Security?

                   Roger Needham

             Roger Needham: Publications

                   Karen Spärck Jones