Position papers and extended abstracts

Design, new interaction models, and user experience

    Improving User Interaction in Digtial Books PDF
    Jennifer Pearson and George Buchanan (FIT Lab, Swansea University, UK)

    SmartBook: The New Generation e-Book PDF
    Ivan Koychev, Roumen Nikolov (University of Sofia, Bulgaria), and Darina Dicheva (Winston-Salem State University, USA)

    Implementing New Knowledge Environments: Laying Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age PDF
    Ray Siemens (University of Victoria, Canada), Richard Cunningham (Acadia University, Canada), Alan Galey (University of Toronto, Canada), Stan Ruecker (University of Alberta, Canada), Lynne Siemens (University of Victoria, Canada), and Claire Warwick (University College London, UK)

Content mining, search, and evaluation

    Finding fiction: Known items or good books to read PDF
    Pertti Vakkari (University of Tampere, Finland)

    Indications of Emotional Connection: Epistolary Text Mining for Intimate Language PDF
    Min Song (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA), Paul Youngman (UNC-Chapel Hill, USA), and Stan Ruecker (University of Alberta, Canada)

    User-centered Content Provisioning over Large Collections of eBooks PDF
    Sascha Tönnies (L3S Research Center, Germany) and Wolf-Tilo Balke (IFIS TU Braunschweig, Germany)

    A Scalable Digital Library Infrastructure Expands Search and Beyond PDF
    Min Song, Shuyuan Mary Ho, Michael Bieber, Eric Koppel, Vahid Hamidullah, and Pawel Bokota (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Support for collaborative work

    Building Strong E-book Project Teams: Processes to Maximize Success while Drawing on Essential Academic Disciplinary Expertise PDF
    Lynne Siemens (University of Victoria, Canada), Claire Warwick (University College London, UK), Wendy Duff (University of Toronto, Canada), and Richard Cunningham (Acadia University, Canada)