BooksOnline'09 Workshop: 2nd Workshop on Research Advances in Large Digital Book Collections

Building on the success of the First BooksOnline Workshop, organized at CIKM 2008, the BooksOnline’09 Workshop at ECDL 2009 aims to provide continuity and to ensure further progress on addressing challenges and exploring opportunities around large collections of digital books and complementary media.


The workshop aims to foster the BooksOnline professional network and build support for joint initiatives in research, design, and technology. The objectives are to connect researchers and practitioners from libraries, archives, academia, publishers, and on-line services in order to facilitate discussion and promote collaboration around:

  • Key research and innovation issues, leveraging and extending the outcome of the BooksOnline’08 Workshop,
  • Proposals for projects and initiatives that the BooksOnline community could take forward, and
  • Strategies for project implementation and funding.
The outcome of the workshop will comprise a set of formulated projects and dedicated committees that will facilitate progress over the following year. Future BooksOnline Workshops will follow the community progress and present an opportunity to share results, revisit the issues, and evolve the research and innovation agenda.