Workshop Programme and Schedule

Draft programme for October 30, 2008 - last updated on Oct 21.

SESSION 1 09:00-10:40
09:00-09:10 Greetings and Introduction
09:10-09:20 Summary of Topics and Themes

09:20-10:10 Topic 1: Enriched Digital Collections
Panel: Riccardo Mazza, Bob Stein, Mark Carden, Carlos Teixeira, Michael Lesk, David A. Evans

10:10-10:40 Topic 2: Usage Scenarios and User Experience
Panel: Gene Golovchinsky, Peter Brusilovsky, Ray Siemens, Monica Landoni, Nina Wacholder

10:40-11:00Coffee break

SESSION 2 11:00-12:30
11:00-11:20 Topic 2 (cont.): Usage Scenarios and User Experience

11:20-12:10 Topic 3: Content Representation and Discovery Services
Panel: Catherine Marshall, Prakash Reddy, Magdy Nagi, Kareem Darwish, Brewster Kahle, Geneva Henry
12:10-12:30 Break-out Session Preparation

12:30-14:00Lunch and Networking (lunch will be provided)

SESSION 3 14:00-15:30
Break-out sessions:
Research issues and collaboration in enabling enriched digital collections
Two groups. Leaders: Nina Wacholder, Mark Carden

Research issues and collaboration on usage scenarios and user experience
Two groups. Leaders: Monica Landoni, Gene Golovchinsky

Research issues and collaboration on content representation and discovery
Two groups. Leaders: Catherine Marshall, Prakash Reddy

15:30-16:00Coffee break

SESSION 4 16:00-17:00
16:00-16:30 Reports from group leaders on research issues
16:30-17:00 Summary of strategies and discussion of collaboration opportunities for enabling research

17:00-18:00Wine tasting (TBC)

The format of the Workshop is highly interactive. Material provided through the position papers will be covered in three discussion sessions, facilitated by the panel of authors and a moderator. The breakout sessions will focus on three broad areas. We expect to work in small groups comprising 5-6 people and designate one person to serve as a facilitator of the discussion. During the summary session we will compile the research questions from all the groups, and suggestions for the collaborative models.