Position papers and extended abstracts

Position papers (published in workshop proceedings)

Enriched Digital Collections

    The integrated eBook - the convergence of eBook, companion web site, and eLearning PDF
    Riccardo Mazza (University of Lugano)

    A Unified Field Theory of Publishing in the Networked Era PDF
    Bob Stein (Institute for the Future of the Book)

    E-Books Are Not Books PDF
    Mark Carden (Ingram Digital)

    Multimedia Enriched Digital Books PDF
    Carlos Teixeira (University of Lisbon)

    Traditional Resources Help Interpret Texts PDF
    Judith Gelernter and Michael Lesk (Rutgers University)

Usage Scenarios and User Experience

Content Representation and Discovery Services

    Collection-Level Analysis Tools for Books Online PDF
    Catherine Marshall (Microsoft Research)

    A web service for long tail book publishing PDF
    Prakash Reddy, Jian Fan, Jim Rowson, Steven Rosenberg, and Andrew Bolwell (Hewlett Packard)

    Sharing Knowledge Across Language Barriers: a Universal Approach for Online Books PDF
    Magdy Nagi (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) and Tarcisio Della Senta (UNDL Foundation)

    Book Search: Indexing the Valuable Parts PDF
    Kareem Darwish and Walid Magdy (Cairo Microsoft Innovation Center)

    Automatic Metadata Generation for Scanned Scientific Volumes PDF
    Xiaonan Lu (The Pennsylvania State University) and Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive)

    Feasibility of a Primarily Digital Research Library PDF
    Geneva Henry and Lisa Spiro (Rice University)

Extended abstracts

    Persistent Barriers to Books on Line
    David Evans (JustSystems Evans Research, Inc.)

    Digitization is the Easy Part: Research Challenges for Uses of Large Corpuses of Digital Books
    Dan Clancy (Google Book Search)