BooksOnline'08 Workshop

The BooksOnline'08 Workshop on "Setting the Roadmap for Research Advances in Large Digital Book Repositories" will take place in Napa Valley, CA, on October 30, 2008, in conjunction with CIKM 2008.

The workshop is focused on opportunities for innovation and challenges that are presented by large online collections of books. It will include presentations, parallel break-out sessions, and a panel discussion of the findings and recommendations.


The workshop aims to bring together researchers and industry practitioners, in Information Retrieval, Digital Libraries, eBooks, Human Computer Interaction, Publishing industry and on-line book services with the goal to map out the agenda for digital book research for the next 5 years.


In recent years digital book content has increased dramatically through the digitization of physical books and electronic publishing. Such collections present a great value to the humanity. They are also attractive to commercial organizations for use in diverse information services and applications. As a result, hundreds of thousands of books have been digitized in partnership between libraries and companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

However, in contrast to the great momentum in creating on-line book repositories, there is a lack of research initiatives that are focused on innovation opportunities and challenges created by large collections of digital books. One such effort is the Book Search 2008 track at the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML IR (INEX), which is building a test collection and infrastructure for experiments on digitized books. This, however, represents only a first step towards enabling digitized books research. Similar initiatives are necessary in order to create a critical mass necessary to innovate in this important area.