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Note that the two semi-supervised ranking datasets have been updated on Jan. 7, 2010. Please download the new version if you are using the old ones.
Setting Datasets Size
Supervised ranking MQ2007 ~ 65M
MQ2008 ~ 15M
Semi-supervised ranking MQ2007-semi ~ 940M
MQ2008-semi ~ 650M
Rank aggregation MQ2007-agg ~ 20M
MQ2008-agg ~ 4M
Listwise ranking MQ2007-list ~ 950M
MQ2008-list ~ 670M
Feature list for supervised ranking, semi-supervised ranking and listwise ranking can be found in this document.

Evaluation tools

The evaluation scripts for LETOR4.0 are a little different from those for LETOR3.0.
Please do not use the tools across LETOR3.0 and LETOR4.0.
Evaluation script for supervised ranking, semi-supervised ranking and rank aggregation
Evaluation script for listwise ranking
Significance test script for all the four settings

Possible issues
If you are using a linux machine and meet some problems with the scripts, you may try the solution from Sergio Daniel. Thank Sergio for sharing!
The evaluation script (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/beijing/projects/letor//LETOR4.0/Evaluation/Eval-Score-4.0.pl.txt) isn't working for me on the letor 4.0 MQ2008 dataset. I use perl v5.14.2 on a linux machine. I made a little modification and now it is running =)
I replaced the line:
if ($lnFea =~ m/^(\d+) qid\:([^\s]+).*?\#docid = ([^\s]+) inc = ([^\s]+) prob = ([^\s]+)$/)
if ($lnFea =~ m/^(\d+) qid\:([^\s]+).*?\#docid = ([^\s]+) inc = ([^\s]+) prob = ([^\s]+).$/)


Low level information

Data Size
Meta data Meta data for MQ2007 query set ~ 60M
Meta data for MQ2008 query set ~ 50M
Collection info ~1 k
Relation information Link graph of Gov2 collection ~ 480M
Sitemap of Gov2 collection ~ 65M
Similarity for MQ2007 query set ~ 4.3G
similarity for MQ2008 query set ~ 4.9G
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