Call for Papers

The First Web Entity Modeling and Applications (WEMA) Workshop is in conjunction with ICDM 2012, which is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society. Web entities have been recognized as one of the key things, which can take real semantics to our current keyword based Web. Entity related research such as entity extraction, entity recognition, entity relation modeling, and entity disambiguation is highly desired by recent advances in various Web applications such as Web search, online advertising, and social networks. As some application examples, without entities being correctly recognized and disambiguated in search queries, the users'search intents are hard to be well understood by search engines. The relation model of people, which is a special kind of entity, is the foundation of social networks mining. The intelligent online services such as "best guess" in Google and "Siri" of Apple highly depend on whether the entities and corresponding concepts in user questions are well recognized and classified. Thus, entity modeling has been an attractive inter-disciplinary research field, interplaying with information extraction, Web mining, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, information retrieval, computational advertising, social network, etc. Taking entity as the theme, this workshop is to bring together leading researchers in related areas to promote this important but underexplored research direction, establish the technical foundation, and assess the state of the art. In this workshop, we organize the Web entity related research work as a research theme. The topics include but are not limited to:

  • Fundamental entity theorems

  • Web scale entity extraction

  • o Auto wrapper induction

    o Deep Web mining

    o Natural language processing

    o Knowledge base mining

    o Multi-source learning

    o Entity extraction from other data sources

  • Domain entity disambiguation

  • Entity integration

  • Entity classification

  • Entity clustering

  • Entity relation extraction and mining

  • Conceptual topic modeling for entities

  • Named entity recognition

  • Entity graph mining

  • Related machine learning algorithms

  • o Natural language processing algorithms

    o Topic model algorithms

    o Cross domain transfer of learning algorithms for cross domain entities

    o Entity pattern mining and association rule learning

    o Other machine learning algorithms for entity modeling

  • Infrastructure research for entity storage and retrieval

  • Search query understanding

  • Entity centric Web documents understanding

  • Entity centric user intent understanding

  • Entity centric sentiment analysis

  • Speech recognition

  • Context aware entity modeling

  •  Entity related applications

  • o Web search relevance and new search experiences

    o Online advertising

    o Recommendation systems

    o Multimedia retrieval

    o Bioinformatics

    o Social network mining

    o Question and Answering

    o Other entity semantic related applications

  • Temporal entity modeling

  • o Stock prediction

    o Topic detection and tracking

    o Others

  •  Domain specific entity modeling

  • o People

    o Products

    o Organization and companies

    o Local business

    o News

    o Medicine and bioinformatics

    o Multimedia

    o Other types of domain entities

  • Other related topic

  • o Entity application related industry experiences

    o Case studies

    o Others

    Important dates:

    May 7, 2011: Call for Workshop Papers

    August 10, 2012: Due date for full workshop papers

    October 1, 2012: Notification of paper acceptance to authors

    October 15, 2012: Camera-ready deadline for accepted papers

    December 10, 2012: Workshop date

    Keynotes speaker:

    There will be 1 or 2 keynote speeches, details will be announced soon.