Workshop Description

Entities are the building blocks for human knowledge. Entity modeling including extraction and understanding has been the most critical step to intelligently understand the large scale Web data, which thereafter plays very important roles in various Web applications such as Web search, online advertising, recommendation systems and social networks. For example, it is hard to accurately understand the intent of a search user unless the core entity in the search query is fully understood. Similarly, irrelevant advertisements in paid search are triggered due to the misunderstanding on entities in user queries. People name in social graph, which is a special type of entity, is the foundation of social network mining. Due to the importance of entity modeling, lots of research has been conducted on different specific aspects such as entity extraction, entity disambiguation, entity organization, entity enrichment and entity related applications. However, the research efforts have seldom been well-organized as a theme to attract sufficient research attentions, which makes the entity modeling problems underexplored in contrast to the urgent demands in real world applications from industry. Even in the state of the art search engines, the Web scale entity recognition and disambiguation problems are still blocking computers from understanding the user interest domains, preferences, and tasks. In this workshop, we aim to attract more research attentions for modeling the Web entities such as proposing the entity theorems, learning to extract entities from Web documents, mining and modeling entities for real world applications. We encourage original research works which focus on any aspects of entity modeling such as product name entity modeling for online advertising, people name entity modeling for social network mining, video name entity modeling for multimedia retrieval, open domain entity modeling for Web search and intelligent Q&A systems in natural language etc. Through sharing research challenges, experience, proposals, and progress in this workshop, we aim to make entity modeling a research theme for the impact in both academia and industry.