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Asia Milestones


Microsoft Research Asia established in November 1998, which was formally named as Microsoft Research China until November 2001. It is located in Beijing as the second largest basic research institution besides the one in U.S.


Through research and hunt for innovations, we are in hope to eventually enable future computers to be capable of watching, listening and learning and communicate with human in natural languages. Besides, we also expect to allow computers and Internet in China and entire Asia to be used so popular, convenient and easy as they are in other countries and regions. Currently Microsoft Research Asia owns over 300 excellent research staff.


January 2006
Microsoft Research Asia formally started up the “Microsoft Young Professorship Award” program. Microsoft Research Asia planed to invest about 10 million yuan within three years in the program, innovative research related to computer and information technologies and computer talent cultivation program. Appraisal of “Microsoft Young Professorship Award” would be conducted nationwide, planning to choose 15 to 20 young scholars in relevant fields of computer or information technologies.
April 2006
Innovative Day of Microsoft Research Asia. Detail.
August 2006
“Carnegie Mellon University- Shanghai Jiaotong University- Microsoft Research Asia Joint Talent Program” started up. It took Microsoft Research Asia as a tie and important base, jointing well-known domestic top-end computer universities together and forming a transnational cooperation of “production, study and research”.
September 2006
Microsoft Research Asia formally established the sixth important research orientation- theoretic research group. Dr. Andrew Yao, the only one Chinese scientist wining Turing Award, would hold the position of chief advisor of the theoretic research group. It would offer firm theoretic base and strong theoretic support to computer basic research of Microsoft Research Asia. In addition, it would become a platform of communication, exchange and coordination between China and computer theoretic circle of the world.
October 2006
Microsoft Research Asia held the 8th “Computing in the 21st Century” on the title of “the Challenge of Quality Software” in Beijing and Taipei.Details.
The 7th “Microsoft Educational Summit” was held in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which themed as “Developing with the Region”.Details.
Ji Zhou, minister of the Ministry of Education and Dr. Rick Rashid, global vice president of Microsoft, jointly issued the “Microsoft Young Professorship” Award to the first group of seven excellent young professors. Microsoft would invest about ten million yuan within three years in innovative research and talent cultivation program.
November 2006
Dr. Hsiao-Wuen Hon, assistant managing director of Microsoft Research Asia, was entitled as a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
The 1st Microsoft Research Asia’s First Joint Laboratory Symposium kicked off in Hong Kong. Six universities in Chinese mainland and two universities in Hong Kong that established the joint laboratory together with Microsoft Research Asia commonly shared experiences and results, while discussing development plan, scientific research subjects and talent cultivation. Details.

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