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Asia Milestones


Microsoft Research Asia established in November 1998, which was formally named as Microsoft Research China until November 2001. It is located in Beijing as the second largest basic research institution besides the one in U.S.


Through research and hunt for innovations, we are in hope to eventually enable future computers to be capable of watching, listening and learning and communicate with human in natural languages. Besides, we also expect to allow computers and Internet in China and entire Asia to be used so popular, convenient and easy as they are in other countries and regions. Currently Microsoft Research Asia owns over 300 excellent research staff.


March 2005
Microsoft Research Asia held the “Opening Day of Research Achievement”.
April 2005
On May 9, “Microsoft-CUHK Joint Laboratory for Human-Centric Computing and Interface Technologies” jointly established by Microsoft Research Asia and Chinese University of Hong Kong held the opening ceremony in Chinese University of Hong Kong. Representative of each side, including Dr. Hsiao-Wuen Hon, the assistant managing director of Microsoft Research Asia, Prof. Liu Zunyi, principal of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prof. Andrew Yao, lecture professor of Chinese University of Hong Kong and Prof. Peter Yum, principal of Engineering College of Chinese University of Hong Kong, jointly witness establishment of the laboratory.
June 2005
On June 28, Bill Gate, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft annouced in Tokyo that Microsoft Research Asia and Microsoft (Japan) jointly establishes “Institute of Japan Academic Research and Cooperation” (IJARC) in Tokyo. IJARC is mainly tasked with integrating strong scientific research strengths of Microsoft Research Asia and excellent Japanese talents in computer field, so as to further push forward academic exchanges and talents cultivation between Microsoft Research Asia and first-class Japanese universities.
October 2005
MSRA Search Technology Center was formally established. It indicates Microsoft’s promise of brining first-class computer scientific research and product development to China, drawing, cultivating and reserving excellent IT talents for China and developing IT industry together with China. In the meanwhile, it also intensively shows that Microsoft pays more attentions to Internet research technologies and relevant business.
November 2005
“Computer in the 21st Century-Data Centric Computing” of Microsoft Research Asia was held in Hangzhou and Hong Kong.

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