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Asia Milestones


Microsoft Research Asia established in November 1998, which was formally named as Microsoft Research China until November 2001. It is located in Beijing as the second largest basic research institution besides the one in U.S.


Through research and hunt for innovations, we are in hope to eventually enable future computers to be capable of watching, listening and learning and communicate with human in natural languages. Besides, we also expect to allow computers and Internet in China and entire Asia to be used so popular, convenient and easy as they are in other countries and regions. Currently Microsoft Research Asia owns over 300 excellent research staff.


January 2003
Microsoft Research Asia and Taiwan University officially signed a plan to co-establish the first .NET Research Centre in Taiwan. Microsoft Research Asia also announced collaborative programs with two Taiwan universities, Jiaotong University and Taiwan Tsinghua University.
March 2003
Microsoft Research China and Information Science Department of National Natural Science Foundation of China signed a cooperative agreement conducting extensive cooperation in the field of basic research. By the end of March, both sides would co-establish 11 research projects with an investment of nearly 12.3 million yuan, thus establishing good cooperative relations with over ten universities and research institutions
April 2003
Microsoft Research Asia signed memorandums with Seoul National University and the Korean Institute of Science and Technology for academic cooperation and a student exchange program. Dr. Feng-Hsiung Hsu, former IBM “father of deep blue”, formally joined Microsoft Research Asia, holding the position of a senior researcher.
July 2003
The joint committee for the Ministry of Education-Microsoft Corporation Cooperative Program held its first meeting at Microsoft Research Asia. This committee will oversee all joint programs regarding education, as well as provide guidance for collaborative work.
November 2003
Dr. Qiu Chengtong, “Fields” Award recipients and Dr. Andrew Yao, Raj Reddy and Butler Lampson, Turing Award recipients, attended the 5th Symposium on “Computer in the 21st Century——Exploring the Computing Source” hold in Beijing and Xi’an at the invitation. 5000-odd computer scientific researchers from large-sized domestic scientific research institutions and universities and teachers and students of relative colleges and departments attended the symposium.
November 2003
Advanced Technology Center (ATC) of Microsoft Research Asia was formally established.

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