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Asia Milestones


Microsoft Research Asia established in November 1998, which was formally named as Microsoft Research China until November 2001. It is located in Beijing as the second largest basic research institution besides the one in U.S.


Through research and hunt for innovations, we are in hope to eventually enable future computers to be capable of watching, listening and learning and communicate with human in natural languages. Besides, we also expect to allow computers and Internet in China and entire Asia to be used so popular, convenient and easy as they are in other countries and regions. Currently Microsoft Research Asia owns over 300 excellent research staff.


January 2001
“Fault Checking and Tolerance in network video transmission” program invented by research team led by Li Shipeng, researcher of Microsoft Research China was formally approved at the 54th international MPEG conference, thus becoming a part of MPEG international standard. It is the first proposal posed by China’s delegation came into the international standard.
April 24, 2001
The Ministry of Personnel held a medal presentation ceremony in Microsoft Research China in honor of solemnly starting up the first independent “Postdoctoral Scientific Research Work Station” of foreign founded enterprises. Xu Songtao, deputy minister of the Ministry of Personnel was present on site in person and gave a speech. Then, Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang, the managing director of Microsoft Research China, received the honorable plaques writing “Postdoctoral Scientific Research Work Station” from Xu on behalf of Microsoft Research China.
August 17, 2001
Microsoft Research China unveiled results of the 3rd “Microsoft Scholarship Award”. 14 talents in academic field from ten universities and research institutions won the honorable prize.
July 28, 2001
Under the advocation of Microsoft Research China, 26 principals and deans from domestic universities and representatives from Hong Kong and US universities gathered in “Microsoft University IT Principal/ Dean Forum ’2001”, holding talks on academic topics and talent cultivation.
October 2001
Large-scaled international academic symposium on “Computer in the 21st Century——Embracing Intelligent Computing” was held in Beijing and Shanghai. Bill Gates, chairman and chief software designer of Microsoft, Dr. Tony Hoare and John Hopcroft, Turing Award recipients, gave brilliant speeches. 5000-odd computer scientific researchers from large-sized domestic scientific research institutions and universities and teachers and students of relative colleges and departments attended the symposium.
October 2001
Microsoft Research China was renamed as Microsoft Research Asia. It indicates Microsoft’s confidence of economic growth in China and entire Asian-Pacific Region and its solemn promise of development of information industry in the region.
December 2001
A formal memorandum of understanding signed between Academy of Information Technology of the University of Sydney and Microsoft Research Asia for the sake of conducting a wide variety of research exchange programs.

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