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Asia Milestones


Microsoft Research Asia established in November 1998, which was formally named as Microsoft Research China until November 2001. It is located in Beijing as the second largest basic research institution besides the one in U.S.


Through research and hunt for innovations, we are in hope to eventually enable future computers to be capable of watching, listening and learning and communicate with human in natural languages. Besides, we also expect to allow computers and Internet in China and entire Asia to be used so popular, convenient and easy as they are in other countries and regions. Currently Microsoft Research Asia owns over 300 excellent research staff.


January 2000
“Microsoft-Tsinghua University Multimedia Laboratory” and “Microsoft-Zhejiang University Visual Perception Laboratory” started up, which were established by Microsoft with joint hands of respectively Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University.
April 2000
Large-scaled international academic symposium on “Computer in the 21st Century——Entering the Internet Age” jointly initiated by Microsoft Research China and Information Science Department of National Natural Science Foundation of China in Beijing and Shanghai. Dr. Jim Gray, recipient of Turing Award in 1998 and Dr. Gary Starkweather, inventor of laser printer respectively gave keynote speeches at the invitation.
April 2000
Microsoft Research China held a grand ceremony in honor of conferring certificates of the second group of “Microsoft Scholars” to 16 university talents from 12 universities and research institutions.
June 2000
On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Harbin Institute of Technology, “Microsoft-Harbin Institute of Technology Mechanical Translation Laboratory” jointly set by Microsoft Research China and Computer Department of the university was formally announced for establishment.
August 2000
Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang, former chief scientist and assistant managing director of Microsoft Research China held the position of the managing director of Microsoft Research China. Meanwhile, Kaifu Lee, former managing director of Microsoft Research China was promoted to be vice chairman of Microsoft, joining in relevant works of vision recently posed by Microsoft in the Headquarters.
September 2000
Microsoft Research China and Tsinghua University jointly opened a graduate oriented optional course, i.e. “how to be a excellent researcher in the 21st century.” On September 19, Mr. Steven Ballmer, chairman and CEO of Microsoft, gave the first lecture to students as a specially invited lecturer on the title of new generation of opportunities and challenges of Internet. 1500-odd students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications attended the lecture.
October 2000
Seven people from Microsoft Research China led by Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang paid academic visits to ten well-known universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan, for the sake of displaying its development and academic achievements for two years after establishment and expressing its wishes of exchanges and cooperation with these universities in academic fields, thus strongly echoing in academic circle and media in three regions cross the Taiwan Strait.

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