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WorldWide Telescope

Explore the universe from your computer

WorldWide Telescope enables you to explore the universe from your computer. It works by turning your computer into a virtual telescope—bringing together imagery from the world’s best ground- and space-based telescopes. It blends terabytes of images, information, and stories from multiple sources into a seamless, immersive, rich media experience delivered over the Internet. You can also take guided tours, narrated by astronomers and educators, that feature interesting places in the sky.



Guided tours





More videos


Gas giants tour

Gas Giants

Peter Turcan

Orion Nebula—Hubble’s Universe tourOrion Nebula—Hubble’s Universe

Dr. Frank Summers


Interesting Objects tour
Interesting Objects
Curtis Wong


More tours



Eta Carina Nebula tour
Eta Carina Nebula

Curtis Wong

Dust and us tour

Dust and Us

Alyssa Goodman


Center of the Milky Way tour
Center of the Milky Way
Doug Roberts