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Project Tuva

Richard Feynman’s Messenger Series lectures

Project Tuva presents Nobel Prize–winning physicist Richard Feynman’s Messenger Series lectures within an enhanced video player. This player, which uses Silverlight, features searchable video, linked transcripts, user notes, and interactive extras. The lectures have been enhanced with commentary by Dr. Robert Jaffe, a physics professor at MIT, who provides a wealth of information regarding his own personal experience with Feynman, insights into how science has progressed in the 45 years since the lectures were originally given, and deeper exploration of key concepts that Feynman introduces.

Seven lecture videos



Screen shotProject Tuva includes all seven videos in an easy-to-navigate player.  

Screen shot

You can show or hide related extras, which appear on the right side of the page.


Screen shotWhen you click an extra, the related content appears in a new window.