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Retrieve and visualize environmental data

FetchClimate is a fast, free, intelligent climate data retrieval service that gives you the climate data you need. With FetchClimate, an Azure web service, you can retrieve data for any geographical region, at any grid resolution—global, continental, a few kilometers—and for any range of years, days within the year, or hours within the day. FetchClimate automatically selects the most appropriate data sources and can return information about the uncertainty of the data sources used. You can enable others to retrieve the same data by sharing a URL for your query.



Screen shots






Select geography
Step one: Select the location or locations you want.


Select info layers
Step two: Select data sets. In this example, past and future precipitation rates.


Select time
Step three: Select a date range. In this example, from 2000 to 2050.


View results
Step four: View your results. In this example, a visualization of present-to-future, year-to-year precipitation averages in Southern Asia.