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Never miss the perfect shot again

Blink enables you to capture a burst of images on your Windows Phone 8 so that you can choose the best shot. It does this by capturing pictures before and after you press the shutter. That way, if you pressed the shutter a few moments too early or too late, Blink has a series of images it captured that you can view to find the best shot—now or later. Advanced image stabilization technology from Microsoft Research removes camera shake and lets you focus on the important parts of the scene.



Screen shots



  Step oneStep one: Capture your favorite moment in Blink by pressing the shutter button or tapping the screen.
  Step twoStep two: Move the selection marker (that is, the yellow square) to the image you like, and then tap Save. Blink saves the selected image to the Photos app and the entire capture sequence in the Blink app.

Step threeStep three: Swipe from left to view to your previous captures.