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Discontinuing Support for Zentity

As of April 30, 2013, Microsoft Research Connections’ support of Zentity has ended, and we will no longer provide material support or monitor the related forums. Additionally, Microsoft Research Connections will no longer provide downloads for the program.

ZentityResearch repositories are designed to aid in the lifecycle management of research data outputs, including ingest workflows, metadata management, permissions and access, preservation, discovery, and reporting. Originally scoped to research publications and theses, repository environments are increasingly taking into account other scholarly objects such as presentations, posters, source code, scientific workflows, and research data.

Zentity was designed by Microsoft Research to create the building blocks, tools, and services to enable organizations to create and manage a digital library ecosystem. Zentity was designed as a hybrid store—a combination of a triple-store and a traditional relational database— to enable researchers to easily access, analyze, and unlock the previously hidden structure and relationships among data elements. Zentity was a data-agnostic platform, supporting arbitrary data models, and it provided semantically rich functionality that visually exposed content relationships by using Microsoft Live Lab Pivot Viewer and Microsoft Research Visual Explorer.

Zentity's Pivot Collection Service made it easy to display and interact with data in flexible and innovative ways by using the Pivot Viewer, a Microsoft Silverlight control to visualize n-dimensional data sets and the metadata that is associated with them. Zentity also included the Visual Explorer Silverlight control, which enabled researchers to navigate Zentity data visually by using a graph metaphor. Zentity was built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, which includes features such as OData support and WCF Data Services. Zentity also used Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Entity Framework, and LINQ.